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Our Mission

We work to improve the health and happiness of our community by improving health care and social service navigation, providing the RIGHT service, to the RIGHT person, at the RIGHT time.

Who We Are

Southern Nevada CHIPs  (Community Health Improvement Program) is a 501(c)3 nonprofit agency that has taken the lead in providing resource referral and navigation to existing health and social services, for high utilizers of Emergency Medical Services in Southern Nevada.

Southern Nevada CHIPs is a social service referral program linking social workers with first responders, providing the RIGHT service for the RIGHT person at the RIGHT time. Clients are referred by first responders from local fire departments to the CHIPs team, who then provides needs assessments, education, referrals, and client advocacy as needed.


Access to and navigation of social and health services can be complicated, challenging, and sometimes overwhelming for the most vulnerable members of our community. When people are in need and don't know where else to turn, they often depend on your first responders by utilizing the 9-1-1 emergency response system and emergency rooms at the hospitals yet their needs would be more appropriately addressed through alternative resources such as: non-emergency transportation to a clinic or pharmacy for minor complaints such as flu or prescription refill; referral resources for food, housing, and rental assistance programs; transitional assistance for the aging and disabled, and their caregivers; and many, many more.


Southern Nevada CHIPs is working to improve the health and happiness of your community, reducing the cost of healthcare by improving healthcare and social service navigation, and improving the efficiency of the emergency response system by redirecting frequent users and misusers to more appropriate community resources. 

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