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We at Southern Nevada CHIPs, work to improve the health and happiness of our community, providing
the right service to the right person, at the right time. Through a number of programs, we navigate
clients from oversaturated service access points, to access points that better fit their needs, in their
environment, keeping in mind the many barriers that vulnerable community members face when they access services.

Second (2nd) Responders

The 2nd Responders program is a partnership with the following local fire jurisdictions: Clark County Fire Department, Henderson Fire Department, Las Vegas Fire and Rescue, and North Las Vegas Fire.  Clients are referred by first responders in the field.  Staff and professional volunteers guide developing professionals, from Social Work, Pharmacology, Nursing, Medical and Community Service colleges who work on inter-professional teams. The team assesses the needs of the whole person.  Working with the client to identify how their medical needs, pharmaceutical needs, mental health, environment, and socioeconomic status contributes to their ability to be able to access services. Clients are then provided with a referral, navigation assistance, and case management to help them acquire needed services.